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How to use our Youtube to Mp3 converter? Very simple!

Ytbmp3.club is the plainest site out there. Seriously, we are not kidding, site is almost dull. It exists with 1 single purpose - help people convert youtube videos to mp3 and download that mp3. Nothing else... That's why it's kinda.. Well, there's nothing to say.. See below 4 steps to take and you'll be on the way to your new favorites playlist in mere minutes.

Find & Open Video on Youtube

Whatever way you like to browse Youtube, locate the video you want to convert to mp3 and open it. Do not play video.

Copy Video Link to Clipboard

The easiest way is to find the Share button, click it, select Copy Link (quick "Link Copied" message will blink).

Paste Video Link into the Box Above

Mouse Right-Click the box, select Paste. Keys: press CTRL+V in the box. Mobile: Tap & Hold the box, select Paste.

Press Blue Button and Download mp3

If video is not blocked, Big Green button will show up. Press it. If it fails to deliver, - scroll down for more buttons!

About ytbmp3.club, the new & hip youtube to mp3 converter. :)

YTBmp3.club is YouTube to mp3 online converter. Listen audio from your favorite YouTube videos whenever you want by downloading the highest quality mp3 file that can be converted from source video. Conversion works on any system (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS...) or device with a browser. No need to install any software on your computer, but we have chrome extension and firefox plug-in can add a convenient download button to YouTube pages. Download whole playlists with one click! Just paste a playlist link or search for one. Select desired bitrate, adjust tempo, normalize loudness, set custom ID3v2 tags or trim the length of the converted audio by specifying the start and end time with subsecond precision. All that silly stuff is in the past. No complicated selections or alterations. Just press the button and download begins in a few seconds. Cannot search for videos and playlists directly from here, you can only paste Video Link Urls. Or checkout latest searches to get new ideas... Check out nice messages that we got from our friends. Save the music instant and completely free with YTB mp3! No need to wait for processing. Youtube to mp3 converter made simple and for the people!

About Our MP3 Download Buttons & How out website works

We want to provide the best service for anyone wishing to convert their favorite youtube track to mp3. That's why we made this Youtube to mp3 converter. The general principle is that we don't do any mp3 conversion on ytbmp3.club, never done, never will. We don't do video works. It's kinda murky waters, we don't mess with it... So we simply act as connecting mechanism between you and several services that do the actual work of youtube to mp3 converter. All we do is get the link from you, and pass it to those services that we call in short "Buttons". At any time our site employs at least a couple of buttons, we want you to have an opportunity to pick which buttons works best for you. Plus if one fails, you can try the other button.. We go about the html code of those buttons and sanitize them to remove any popups or whatever bad intent they are planning.. Well, what do you expect.. They need to get paid! So we prevent that and kinda help you get your mp3 without any popups or annoying banners.. Hopefully you appreciate this enough to enjoy it while it lasts.. Eventually to support this server growth we'll have to put up popups here to have site pay for its own server(s).. But until then, we can still support this from our own pockets. No problems!